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Harvest Road Band Members

Marty Zundel
Lead & Harmony Vocals,
Acoustic 6 and 12 String Guitar

Marty is a multi-talented singer/songwriter.
Marty also plays mandolin, pedal steel and bass.

For more information see
Marty's Website and Facebook Page




Tim Bartlow
Lead and Harmony Vocals,
Acoustic and Electric Bass

Tim Bartlow has been playing in bands in
the Greensburg area for many years. 
Tim plays many instruments including
Bass,  Drums, Guitar and Trumpet.
Tim was in "Coal Hollar" with Bob
and "Playin Favorites" with Kevin

Tim is well known for his strong tenor voice
and sense of humor.
Bob Thomas
Lead and Harmony Vocals, Harmonica,
Acoustic 6 & 12 String Guitar

Bob starting playing in bands with his brothers as a young lad. Bob founded the still popular 60's band "Revival"

Check out Revival's Facebook page and website


Bob also played in a bluegrass band with Tim.
Bob has a strong lead vocal & loves playing his Martin D-35.

Kevin Homel Kevin Homel
Lead and Harmony Vocals, Harmonica
Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel & Piano

Kevin starting playing in bands with his brother
when he was a skinny teen.
Kevin played in bands in Los Angeles in the 70's and 80's.
Kevin was in "Playing Favorites" band with Tim.

Kevin writes original music and met Marty
at NSAI (Nashville Songwriters group)

Kevin loves any music with 3 and 4 part harmony.